Bergeend (Shelduck) cycling route

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Bergeend (Shelduck) cycling route

56,6 km
3u 5m
93% Verhard

Blaarmeersen, 9000 Gent

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Route description

The towpaths along the Scheldt are the ideal route for an excursion, on foot or by bicycle. From Ghent, you pedal effortlessly out of the city, towards the Gentbrugse Meersen, the castles of Destelbergen and Laarne, as far as Wetteren and back again.

Starting point

Sports and recreation centre De Blaarmeersen

The approach route takes you from Blaarmeersen to Portus Ganda marina, and then further along the banks of the Scheldt. For example, you'll cycle along the Reep too, where the Lys and Scheldt have finally merged again since 2018.

Node 4-5


Gent Gravensteen David Samyn.jpg
Gent Vrijdagmarkt David Samyn.jpg

Flanders' most versatile and bike-friendly city will spoil you with a mix of culture, history, welcoming (veggie) restaurants and a great deal of ambiance. Settle down at a table along the Graslei or Korenlei, take comedian Wouter Deprez's audio tour of the Castle of the Counts, stroll through the picturesque Patershol and take that romantic selfie from Sint-Michielsbrug. 

Node 5-7

Gentbrugse Meersen

Gentbrugse Meersen - David Samyn.jpg

Not only waterfowl, raptors and waders are delighted with the lake landscape of the Gentbrugse Meersen – Ghent residents smoothly find their way to this 240-hectare 'green oasis' as well. Owing to a minor adjustment to the cycling network, you now cycle right through it, passing by the birth forest, the play forest and the peace monument. Your climb to the top will be rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding area.

Node 21-24

Castle of Laarne

Kasteel van Laarne.jpg

The sublime 14th-century castle of Laarne is one of the best-preserved fortified castles in Flanders. It houses an impressive art collection of Brussels tapestries, 16th-century furniture and a wonderful silver collection. During the infamous witch trials of the early 17th century, alleged witches were put under lock and key here.

Node 28



Drinks, ice creams, pancakes and small savoury snacks in a picturesque forest with a large play valley for the children. Groups can also stay here in the Prullenbos: the Boskabanne has 36 beds, divided among 7 rooms.

Node 36-37-34


Passerelle Wetteren brug Schelde © David Samyn.jpg
Sint-Gertrudiskerk Wetteren.jpg

The new walkway across the Scheldt will bring cyclists and walkers safely to the heart of Wetteren, a town often cited as the place where the lost Adoration of the Mystic Lamb panel 'The Just Judges' may have been hidden. The suspected thief, Arsène Goedertier, came from here and took his secret to the grave in 1934. Goedertier's house was at Wegvoeringstraat 5; St Gertrudis Church was searched with all hands for the missing Judges a few years ago, but in vain.