Asselkouter hiking route

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Asselkouter hiking route

12,5 km
2u 40m
81% Verhard

Munteplein, 9820 Munte

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Route description

From the bunkers in Munte to the Prinsenmolen in Baaigem. This hiking route will take you past centuries-old charming villages and imposing vistas.

Starting point

St Boniface Church, Munte

The route starts at the church on Munteplein. 



Munte gets its name from the Romanesque 'montem' (mountain) and refers to the ridge on which this charming farmland village in Scheldeland lies. Along with the church, the two cottages on the left are part of the listed village landmark.

Ter Zinkt Castle

kasteel ter zinkt_Munte-36.jpg

A little further on is Ter Zinkt castle, a true mediaeval castle with a mile-long causeway.



Bunkers are the common thread throughout this route. In Munte alone, there are still 25 of these concrete structures from the 1930s. Built to defend Ghent during wartime, they were originally camouflaged as workers' cottages, farms or barns.

De Oesterzwamboerderij (Oyster Mushroom Farm)


Just after Den Doel, you will see some signs directing you to the Oesterzwamboerderij. What once began with a simple sales stall on the driveway of a farm has now grown into a unique farm store. You'll find home-grown oyster mushrooms and Shiikates, as well as cheese, herb pastes, spices, regional beers, etc. The store is not serviced; you pay with cash, Payconiq or your banking app. 



On the way to Baaigem, another village dating back to the 10th century, you have to go up some short but steep hills. In Baaigem, you end up in another tourist region of East Flanders: the Flemish Ardennes.


Prinsenmolen Baaigem 2 TOV.jpg

We find this round, stone mountain mill on the site where the family of Lamoraal of Egmont had a wooden post mill installed in 1551. Lamoraal was the Prince of Gavere, hence the name Prinsenmolen ('Prince Mill'). The mill underwent some modifications in 1806 to later take its present form in 1890. In 2017, the mill was converted to residential use.

't Bakkershof children's farm

On Kastijdestraat is the 't Bakkershof children's farm. On Sunday afternoons (between 2pm and 7pm), their door is open to all. From the car park, follow the 'Hoevepad' signs for a free visit to the animals. The rest of the week, you can visit the farm by appointment only. 

Makegemse Bossen

Makegembos Munte 5 Inge Van den Heuvel.jpg

Beyond Baaigem, we walk along the edge of the Makegemse Bossen, one of the many valuable forests around Merelbeke.

The Heilige-Geestbos (Holy Ghost forest) or Armenbos (Forest of the Poor) owes its name to its original owner: the Holy Ghost Table of Ghent's St Bavo Abbey.

End point

Munteplein, 9820 Munte