Around the Haaghoek walking route

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Around the Haaghoek walking route

11,3 km
2u 15m
54% Verhard

Broekestraat 43, 9667 Horebeke

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Around the Haaghoek walking route

The Flemish Ardennes is the home of cycling. But it's also the perfect place for walking, along and over the undulating cobbled roads of spring classics such as the Tour of Flanders and Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. Like on this circuit around the protected Haaghoek, a winding cobbled strip between the villages of Sint-Kornelis Horebeke and Zegelsem. Highly recommended after that: a detour to the picturesque Sint-Maria-Horebeke, aka the Geuzenhoek!

Starting point


Node 81


Romantic souls are sure to get their fill at this boutique hotel, with its bistro, garden terrace and wellness in the protected village centre of Horebeke. Golf carts, vespas, bikes, tandems and retro tandems are available for rent, to explore the picturesque roads of the Flemish Ardennes.

Node 10



At checkpoint 10, you go past the Haaghoek, a winding cobbled strip of about 1.7 kilometers between Sint-Kornelis-Horebeke and Zegelsem.  It is often included on the course for the spring classics in Flanders, including the Tour of Flanders, Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and the De Panne-Koksijde three-day event.

Node 10 - 9

Pottenberg and Ledeberg

During the spring classics, riders have to face the Pottenberg, and above all the famous calf-burner Leberg, before they have to start the Berendries. The Leberg is a narrow tarmac road with an elevation difference of 33 metres in the space of less than one kilometre. In the trout ponds nearby, anglers from all over Flanders enjoy casting their rods.

Node 9 - 8



The ecumenical hermitage Monastery of Mariakluizen was founded nearly 20 years ago by two brothers who wanted to pray and work there according to the rules of St. Benedict. There are still friars there today, who retire to individual hermitages during the week to contemplate solitude. Those in need of reflection can temporarily take up residence in the five wooden hermitages in the monastery courtyard. Every year on 15 August, the monastery is the scene of a procession, followed by a tribute to Mary in the Mariakapel.

Node 9 - 8

Eatery in den drijhaard


Especially on hot days, it is hard to resist this cozy pub right across from the church of Zegelsem, with its pleasant and sunny terrace on the village square and a playground for the little ones. Great food too, and at very reasonable prices!

Node 62 - 73



At node 73, you can't miss the "Giant of Horebeke," a restored stone windmill with a white hull that today serves as a holiday home. Ecological and sustainable materials were used as much as possible in the restoration. The mill is a protected monument.

Just off the route



This hamlet near Sint-Maria-Horebeke, nicknamed the Geuzenhoek, has been home to a Protestant religious community since 1564. With its small houses, narrow streets and picturesque cemetery with impressive weeping beech which is at least 150 years old, this unique village looks like a set from a movie.

At the edge of the village, the renovated Protestant Historical Museum Abraham Hans tells the history of the Protestant community in and around Horebeke from 1550 to the present day. At the entrance is a bust of the popular writer who this museum was named after, and who was born in this 200-year-old schoolhouse. Many of his works and a lot of school material from what was taught back in the day are on display here.

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