Scheldt Castles cycle route

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Scheldt Castles cycle route

59,0 km
88% Verhard
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This cycle route is a charming one that enables cyclists to discover picturesque villages, breathtaking nature and not one, but two fabulous castles. So hop on your bike and immerse yourself in a world of lush park gardens, unique works of art and aristocratic intrigues. Of course, the meandering waters of the Scheldt are also never far away. Amidst the natural splendour along the banks of the Scheldt, you can catch your breath again.

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Experience the life of the Fathers and Brothers during a visit to Bornem Abbey. The highlight of your visit will undoubtedly be the restored historic library with more than 34,000 precious works.

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Kastelen van de Schelde.jpg

Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde Castle – also known as Bornem Castle – is straight out of a fairy tale book: a magnificent castle with a drawbridge, turrets and a real moat. The glistening waters of the Old Scheldt, a closed-off tributary of the Scheldt, complete the picture. At the visitors' centre, you can learn all about the history of the castle and the Scheldt Valley National Park.

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Stiltegebied Weert.jpg

In the Weert silence zone, the only things you can hear are the sounds of nature. In this day and age, that's quite a unique situation, as Flanders is so densely developed.

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The name Buitenland means 'Abroad', but you don't have to cross the border to visit it. This special hamlet is home to several 16th-century houses, a remnant of the 1894 World's Fair.

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kasteel d'ursel in hingene.jpg

For more than 400 years, the charming D'Ursel Castle in Hingene was the favourite country residence of the aristocratic D'Ursel family. The De Notelaer pavilion on the Scheldedijk and its famous Notelaere tart are also well worth stopping for.

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café d'o.jpg

On the quayside of the authentic Scheldt village of Sint-Amands, you can take in the view of ‘the most beautiful bend of the Scheldt’. The famous poet Emile Verhaeren was given his final resting place here. In the Emile Verhaeren Museum, you can discover more about his life and literary oeuvre. A little further on, be sure to stop in the former fishing village of Mariekerke, which is known for its annual Eel Festival.

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Dries van Opdorp met narcissen
Middelpunt van Vlaanderen Opdorp 2 Inge Van den Heuvel.jpg

The village square in Opdorp is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Flanders. It's even more beautiful in spring, when thousands of daffodils come out to welcome you. Just a stone's throw away is also the geographical centre of Flanders and the three-province point.

Node 28

Fort Liezele


From armoured fortress to food depot, prison, museum, filmset and bat habitat. Fort Liezele is full of fascinating anecdotes! Enjoy a picnic in its green landscaped park or visit the interactive fort museum. Or take a breather at the atmospheric Fort Café De Batterie.

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