Wannenlappers hiking route

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Wannenlappers hiking route

9,6 km
77% Verhard

Alfred Amelotstraat 53, 9750 Kruisem

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Extended route description

The name of this route refers to the woollen industry for which Zingem was famous until the First World War. This is where 'wannen' were made, large oval baskets, with the flexible twigs of the willows planted all along the Scheldt. The artisans who sold or repaired the 'wannen' were called 'wannenlappers' (patchers). These days, 'wannenlappers' primarily means an adventurous nature walk through the magnificent Scheldt Valley.

Starting point


Zingem gemeentehuis - TOV.jpg

This route officially starts in the municipality of Kruisem, and not in Zingem. Indeed, in 2019, the two municipalities merged together. The new name, Kruisem, was chosen from fully 235 suggestions.

Meuleken ’t Dal


Meuleken 't Dal is one of the smallest windmills in East Flanders and was once owned by the Sint-Pieters Abbey in Ghent. The Province restored the mill, which is now once again fully functional. You can visit it, by appointment with the Mola Provincial Mill Center (+329 342 42 40).

Klein- en Grootmeers

Grootmeers (Zingem) (63).JPG

The route takes you further up to the 'Klein en Grootmeers' nature reserves, which are part of the Scheldemeersen. Definitely bring your binoculars, the old meanders all along the Scheldt offer habitat for a wide range of bird species. In wetter periods, sturdy hiking boots are a must! 



In the Weistraat, you walk along the Weiput. This nature reserve on the edge of the Flame Ardennes is home to a variety of wildlife: mallards, moorhens, coots, etc.

Tucked away in the greenery is a bird-watching cabin. Definitely follow the arrows to the cabin, from there you'll spot loads of different bird species, from passing woodpeckers to raptors such as the hen harrier. Not only will you see them flying overhead, you may also get the chance to observe them close-up.

Zingem Church Square

On the church square at Zingem, in addition to the Sint-Bavo Church, you'll also find a wide range of cozy cafes to take a breather. Cafe Sportpaleis serves delicious drinks, including some regional specialities.