Bidon cycling route

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Bidon cycling route

42,6 km
2u 20m
99% Verhard

Knooppunt 80, 9500 Geraardsbergen

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Bidon cycling route

The Flemish Ardennes at their most beautiful and delicious? The Bidon cycling route is a brisk ride past heritage and amazing scenery, as well as past cozy cycling cafes with tasty local beers where you can catch your breath.

Starting point

Olavs Mattentaartenhuis


Start in Geraardsbergen, home of the 'mattentaart'. Your start and ending point is the MattentaartAtelier. Stock up here to keep you going on the way, or end your ride with a mattentaart with a coffee or tea at the adjoining house De Erfzonde. The culinary pride of Geraardsbergen - a combination of milk, puff pastry and almonds - has been recognised as a European regional product thanks to its unique preparation method. Every first Sunday of August, Geraardsbergen still celebrates the 'Day of the Mattentaart'.

Node 80 - 81

The Wall

Fietser op de Muur van Geraardsbergen

You haven’t even left Geraardsbergen, and you’re already treated to one of the iconic images of the Tour of Flanders: the Kapelmuur or Muur van Geraardsbergen. Height difference: 92 metres, length: 1075 metres, average gradient: 9.2%, and on the steepest part as much as 19.8%! This dreaded cobblestone road ends at the top of the Oudenberg with the Oudenberg Chapel, dedicated to Our Lady. Behind the chapel, the orientation table offers magnificent views of the Flemish Ardennes.

Node 83

Het Bruggenhuis

Het Bruggenhuis Geraardsbergen.jpg

On the meandering Dender in Overboelare, you will find Het Bruggenhuis, a cozy traditional café where you can also catch exhibitions and (jazz) concerts. On the sunny terrace you can enjoy quality beers and delicious snacks, as well as a full meal with dessert at reasonable prices. Hearty Flemish fayre alternates with culinary surprises here. Nearby, visit the Hôpital Notre-Dame à la Rose, the oldest preserved hospital in Belgium.

Node 93



Past Zarlardinge, you end up in the atmospheric village centre of Everbeek-Beneden. Look out for the curious sundial in the southern exterior wall of the 18th-century Sint-Maria Church. The stone from where the village constable read out the "announcements to the public" back in the day still remains intact.

't Fameus Verleden

Tfameus_Verleden Everbeek.jpg

The 'famous past' of three generations has been preserved as much as possible in this café. The result is a traditional 'staminee' serving as the backdrop to cozy chats over a fresh Belgian-style beer, or a delicious meal in the shade of the trees on the garden terrace.

Node 92

Moeder Agnes

moeder agnes.jpg

Restaurant/diner Moeder Agnes has been a destination in itself for a quarter of a century. On this Bidon route, you can stop here for a small snack or drink, as there'll be a strong temptation to hang around for longer. On sunny days, it's delightful to relax on the terrace of this restored family farmhouse.

Node 91

Toep Chapel


High atop a hill in Nederbrakel, next to Top Bronnen, proudly stands the Toep Chapel, also known as the 'chapel of peace'. It dates from 1924 and was erected by the villagers out of gratitude, as Brakel was spared the horrors of the First World War. Climb the steep pilgrim's staircase for a moment and enjoy the expansive views from this wonderful spot.

Node 47


This hill - gradient 12%! - is one of those punishing climbs for which the Tour of Flanders is so famous. At the Veldeman-Kiekenstraat crossroads, you will be rewarded with a magnificent panorama.

Node 68



As a village, Elst is a culinary topper thanks to its geutelingen, a kind of puffed oven cake, but with a pinch of cinnamon. According to tradition, the cakes are baked in an oven with a wood fire on both sides. From mid-January to the end of February, you can see how it's all done at the Geutelingen Museum. Also a little further away, in Michelbeke, ovens are fired up at this time of year, in honour of Saint Appollonia.

Node 15 - 23


Op en rond de Berendries (69).jpg

The highest hill in the Zwalmstreek (98 metres) is no longer cobbled, but is nevertheless an icon of the race and the favourite climb of Greg Van Avermaet. At the top is De Stappers Alm, a veritable Austrian Alpine chalet in Finnish wood with Belgian beers and tasty snacks for when you're getting peckish.

Node 19 - 24

Koffie Hoorens

Koffie Hoorens.jpg

This coffee roastery is a household name in Flanders. If the name doesn't immediately ring a bell, we'll give you another clue: Panamarenko. That's right, owner Eveline Hoorens is the widow of the internationally acclaimed artist who passed away in 2019. Get off your bike for a while and pop in to stock up on artisanally roasted coffee at Koffie Hoorens!

Node 79



Are you a medieval art enthusiast? Then book a guided visit to Sint-Jan de Doper (John the Baptist) Church beforehand via the Lierde Cultural Service. The renowned St. John's Altarpiece is an absolute masterpiece of wood carving from the early 16th century. You can see the early signs of the renaissance in it. Like a medieval comic strip, it depicts key events in the life of John The Baptist, up to and including his beheading at the behest of Salome.

Node 79 - 82



At the heart of this - once again - gorgeous village are the remains of the former 14th-century Carthusian priory of Sint-Maartens-Bosse. Under the motto "Ora et labore"("Pray and work"), the monks dedicated themselves to their spiritual duties, while the lay brothers brewed beer and took care of the domestic work. Today, café De Kartuizer at the church still serves the Carthusian beer in stone jugs with three ears.

End point

Olavs Mattentaartenhuis