Oude Kalevallei circuit 1 walking route

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Oude Kalevallei circuit 1 walking route

6,9 km
1u 25m
30% Verhard

Merendreedorp, 9850 Merendree

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One of the most pleasant nature walks in the Meetjesland is just a stone's throw from Ghent. Head out along the field roads of the Oude Kalevallei, a scenic gem where you are as far away from everything as possible. Walking shoes are a must here, and in wet periods it is best to put boots on: it can get very boggy!


Would you like to continue hiking a little longer? You can extend this walk with our walking circuit 2 in the Oude Kalevallei. The 2 walking circuits intersect at the coordinates 51°04'36.1"N 3°36'37.5"E.

Starting point


De Oude Kalevallei

Oude Kalevallei.jpg
Oude Kalevallei.jpg

Flowery hay meadows, rows of knotted willows and locks combine to form one of the Meetjesland's best-preserved natural areas. The Oude Kale meanders through it, which these days is a stream but it used to rival the Leie.



This triangular square, listed as a monument, dates back to the early Middle Ages. A 'dries' is traditionally a square with farms around it and a 'watering hole' where cattle were led to in the evening. The drinking pool on the northwestern edge of the Drieselken is still there.


Oude Kalevallei.jpg

Halfway through the walk, there is a short climb over some cattle gates, consisting of a fence with steps. The gates were installed in consultation with local farmers in places where the path cuts through meadows. Thanks to the gates, the cattle can move freely from one meadow to the next.

Het Verdronken Eiland

Village cafe Het Verdronken Eiland offers a pleasant terrace, excellent service and an extensive menu with nothing missing. You can just pop in for a drink, but a full meal is also an option.

End point