Neigembos hiking route

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Neigembos hiking route

10,7 km
2u 10m
54% Verhard
Paved road
Unpaved road
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Route description

This hike will introduce you to the impressive Neigembos. Don't be alarmed if you suddenly find yourself going up and down – the relief here ranges from 20 to 90 metres' difference. Step into a wonderful world of sunken lanes, stately oaks and burly beeches.

Starting point

St Rita's Chapel

Kapel van de Heilige Rita Ninove

Before you leave, be sure to walk into this rural little chapel that was once a fully-fledged parish church. Perhaps a cross-shaped church stood here, picturesquely nestled on the hillside, as early as the 12th century. Along with 22 smaller chapels around it, it used to be a popular place of pilgrimage.

Node 14 - 16


Neigembos wandelen
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The slightly more than 70-hectare Neigembos, along with the Sonian forest and Halle forest, among others, once covered just about all of central Belgium. In this mixed oak and beech forest on the border between the Flemish Ardennes and the Pajottenland, you will find elevation differences from 20 to 90 metres above sea level. Some tough slopes await you here, then! The deep sunken roads have a distinct microclimate and are a pleasure to walk in. Especially in spring, when woodland hyacinths, lilies of the valley and wild garlic roll out their colourful carpets.

At node 15, you'll pass a fairytale boardwalk. Be sure to take a walk on it – it will give you the most beautiful Instagram photos! 

Node 10


Lieferinge Café Stalleke

Lieferinge is arguably the 'most village-like' of the eleven sub-municipalities of Ninove. The village centre is therefore protected. A cobblestone lane, a handful of inhabitants, the picturesque Church of Our Lady – it could be 'Het dorp' ('The village') by Wim Sonneveld, although there is no butcher shop. You can catch your breath with the friendly manager of café Stalleke. 

Node 4 - 12

Castle of Neigem

As the smallest of sub-municipalities of Ninove, Neigem has a genuine moated castle with an old village square or meadow in front of it. It was mentioned as a 'castrum' as early as in the 12th-century charter. After a devastating fire, the castle was completely rebuilt last century.

End point

Node 13