De Gavers cycling route

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De Gavers cycling route

13,3 km
1u tot 1u 20min
99% Verhard

Onkerzelestraat, 9500 Geraardsbergen

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De Gavers Cycling Route

On this short circuit, you will explore some of the districts of Geraardsbergen, the 'gateway to the Flemish Ardennes' and one of the oldest cities in Belgium. The mighty Dender will keep you company for 5.5 kilometres.


This cycling route is accessible to all, including those riding adapted bicycles. 


  • The paths are in excellent condition and are almost exclusively paved.
  • Plenty of adapted parking spaces are available.
  • There are public sanitary facilities available.
  • There is a borrowing point for adapted bikes (including an electric wheelchair-carrier bike) at the De Gavers domain.
  • You will find 5 bungalows on the De Gavers domain, one of which has been fully adapted for wheelchair users. The perfect setting for a great stay in the Flemish Ardennes, including a recreational pond, sports facilities and an indoor pool with a shower chair and lift.

Points for consideration:

  • After the approach route, it is best to follow the direction indicated.
  • Take extra care when crossing Aalststesteenweg.
  • At Vloerzegemstraat just before node 69, the road has convex cobblestones.
  • The road to the little bridge at youth hostel 't Schipken is bumpy and steep. Crossing the bridge itself also requires some concentration. You can avoid this bridge by crossing the big bridge over the Dender and cycling to node 73, then following node 74 until you are back on the designated cycling route.
Starting point

De Gavers Provincial Domain

Provinciaal domein De Gavers 2 David Samyn.jpg
De Gavers Geraardsbergen David Samyn.jpg
De Gavers Geraardsbergen Johan Martens.jpg

There is no shortage of recreational opportunities in this 20-hectare provincial domain at the foot of the Oudenberg, including for people with disabilities: the hiking and cycling trails are wide and paved flat, the indoor Gaverbad is accessible, and on the campsite (with one accessible bungalow), the sanitary facilities have been adapted. The landscaped swimming and beach area with playground, water sports such as surfing, kayaking, rowing or pedalo, and the tour boat attract water-lovers of every stripe. Something to eat or drink can be had in the cafeteria, or outside on the nice terrace.

Node 67


This originally 13th-century walled abbey just outside the village centre of Grimminge is listed as a monument. It was once one of the most prominent Cistercian abbeys in the Low Countries. It was built on a 'bellum pratum' or 'lovely meadow' along the Dender. From that Latin name grew the name 'Beaupré'.

Dender-Mark quiet area


This 'monument to quiet' between the rivers Dender and Mark is situated partly in East Flanders, partly in Flemish Brabant territory. It was the first in Flanders to be awarded the title of 'quiet area': a place where peace and quiet are central and where you can mainly hear natural sounds.

Node 67-74


Near the Idegem lock, equipped with an authentic little metal drawbridge, you'll cycle past one of the country's few manually operated ferryboats. The ferryman pulls the ferry back and forth via two tensioned steel cables, which then sink back to the bottom of the Dender after he passes, to allow boats to pass. The ferry used to be used to transport cattle. These days, it’s primarily a fun attraction for cyclists and hikers on Sundays and holidays from May to September.

Nodes 74-73-80



Any time left for a ride of a few kilometres towards Geraardsbergen? You won't regret it, because this 'oldest city in Flanders' is very worthwhile. Far and wide, Geraardsbergen – Giesbaargen in the local dialect – is known for its three assets, coincidentally 3 Ms: Manneken-Pis, Mattentaarten and the Muur ('Wall'). The first one is on show in the Market Square: the statue dates back to 1459, making it exactly 160 years older than its famous Brussels brother. Mattentaarten, a sweet treat that has been recognised as a European regional product, can be bought at any bakery in town. And the Muur, which of course is the legendary cobbled section on the Oudenberg where lesser cycling pros grit their teeth every year. Also be sure to take a walk there: with its mediaeval town structure, Geraardsbergen is ideal for exploring on foot. Over a limited area, you will discover some alleys, ancient streets, fascinating architecture and numerous monuments.

End point

De Gavers Provincial Domain