Muziekbos walking route

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Muziekbos walking route

9,7 km
2u 15m
29% Verhard

Kanarieberg 1, 9600 Ronse

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Route description

Together with the Brakelbos and the Kluisbos, the Muziekbos forms the "green trinity" of the Flemish Ardennes. According to historians, the name of this beautiful forest has got nothing to do with music, it's derived from the Old Celtic word for 'swamp'. Walking in the Muziekbos is always a good idea, but especially from mid-April to mid-May is an almost magical experience: that's when the flowering woodland hyacinths roll out their purple carpet.



Prefer a shorter route? Follow checkpoints 92, 91, 59, 58, 35, 36, 32, 92 to take a 5.7-kilometre route.

Starting point

Walking node 92

The starting checkpointis located at the intersection of the streets Kanarieberg and Ruddersveld.

Walking node 92


Ijsmolenhoeve Ronse brasserie.jpg

The 15th-century Ijsmolenhoeve at the foot of the Kanarieberg - as the Muziekberg is called here - bustles with activity. You can take a pit stop in the cozy brasserie or outside on the terrace (on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays), while the kids have fun on the adventure trail or in the petting zoo. In short, the ideal starting or ending point for the Muziekbos walking route.

Walking node 91-36



The Muziekbos covers more than 100 hectares and is situated on the Muziekberg, one of the most well-known witness hills in the Flemish Ardennes. The name has nothing to do with music, but is derived from the Celtic word for swamp. Want to take a breather? Make use of the picnic table or plonk yourself down on the brand new resting benches.

In spring, the forest is covered with a carpet of flowering woodland hyacinths. But the forest is well worth a visit during the other seasons too. The play areas ensure that the little ones can romp around to their hearts' content in the forest.

Walking node 58-35

Geuzen Tower


In the heart of the forest stands the fairy-tale Geuze Towers, where poet Omer Wattez coined the term "Flemish Ardennes" after finding inspiration on a walk. Rapunzel is the only thing missing from this mysterious structure. Ready for a break? Right near the Geuzen Tower, you'll find a 'sinnenbank'. These beautifully styled resting benches are ideal for enjoying the tranquility of the Muziekbos.

Walking node 36


Bistro Boekzitting Muziekbos © David Samyn.jpg

The name of this street and the nearby bistro on the edge of the Muziekbos refers to an ancient beech tree that stood here until the 1970s. This used to the place were justice was administered. 'Boekzitting' could well be a corruption of 'boetezitting' (penance session). Chained to the tree, criminals were given the opportunity to reflect on their misdeeds, in serenity.

These days, it's primarily a spot where children can enjoy the recreational forest, with natural play elements. Parents who want to keep an eye on the kids can find a brand new picnic bench here, with a view of all the action.

Bistro Boekzitting

Take a seat at the table at Bistro Boekzitting, a cozy place with an inviting terrace. You're welcome to stay for a drink, a quick bite or a full dinner. Ice cream sundaes, apple pie and pancakes are also on the menu.

Walking node 92