Panorama walking route

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Panorama walking route

15,8 km
3u 15m
47% Verhard

Kwaremontplein, 9690 Kwaremont

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Route description

The villages of Kwaremont and Zulzeke, the Paterberg, hollow roads, unpaved paths, forests, streams and an array of panoramic views make this adventurous trip along the roof of East Flanders unforgettable. Please note: for this hike, you should be fairly fit and mobile. There are steep sections throughout the walk and here and there, hill climbs and other obstacles await you.

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Starting point



The artists' village of Kwaremont, with its whitewashed St. Amandus church, is a great place to stroll around. Starting in the 1940s, when a lot of artistic souls came here looking for inspiration, it grew into the "Saint-Martens-Latem of the Flemish Ardennes". Ateliers and galleries sprang up like mushrooms, and especially in the 1970s and 1980s, Kwaremont was a booming destination for day-trippers. Rightly so, because the word "picturesque" seems to have been especially coined for this unique village.



Already from the Keuzelingstraat, it’s clear that the Panorama route more than lives up to its name. On the left, the view extends to the West Flemish towns of Tiegem and Anzegem; right in front of you, the famous calf-burner Paterberg winds through the landscape. Also a little further on, at the Hof Ter Plancken farm, you can take in some beautiful views.

Ter Boeker

After a brisk climb up the flanks of the Paterberg, via narrow paths and fields, you'll reach the solitary roadside chapel Ter Boeker, which offers a nice bench for a sit-down. Those opting for the shorter route turn right here. Be sure to check out the pdf, where you'll see the shorter route marked on the hiking map.


Walking further, you can already see the church tower of Zulzeke in the distance, with the Spijkerbos in the background and the infamous Koppenberg in Melden to the left. A church canal brings you to the more or less intact 18th-century parish church of Sint-Jan in d’Olie, dedicated to St. John the Baptist. The porch is a striking feature - in the local parlance called 'bellman's house' - at the entrance next to the cemetery wall. This is where the town crier, aka the bellman, used to proclaim official announcements after Mass.



Just past Zulzeke, follow the path through the Spijkerbos or Elenebos, one of the rare forests in the Flemish Ardennes situated on a southern slope. In good weather, the slope is bathed in south-facing sunlight all day.

Molen Ten Hotond


From the field road at the farm beyond the Ingelbos, you have a beautiful view of the "Hotond," a mill that towers 150 meters above sea level, making it the highest spot in East Flanders.

If you go off the trail a few hundred meters, you can climb up to the mill. The little cafe that used to be there has been demolished, making way for a freely accessible park next to the brand new hotel-restaurant Hotond and a brand new cafe. Siting this new cafe was an obvious choice: in the famous Hotond mill itself, an 18th-century 'grondzeiler' (an old type of windmill) with phenomenal views of the hills of the Flemish Ardennes.

Even if you don't stay here overnight (which, frankly, would be a shame) they'll be delighted to welcome you at the Hotond Café for a drink and a bite to eat. What's more, you get one of the most beautiful panoramas in East Flanders for free.


In de Zon Kwaremont.jpg

The easy-going eatery 'In de Zon' on the Kwaremontplein has been the unofficial village pub for more than a hundred years. Look out for the coloured stained-glass window with the cafe name in Art Deco style above the entrance door.

in 't Palet

In 't Palet Kwaremont.jpg
In 't Palet Kwaremont (2).jpg

Drinks, appetizers, snacks, pancakes and pastries at the top of the Oude Kwaremont, in 't Palet. Be sure to try a Kwaremont beer here: like the famous calf-burner, it is full of character and gives a kick.